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ESMA Marine Agencies B.V.

Exclusive agent for a large network of first class shipyards, for repairs, conversion and newbuilding

ESMA Marine Agencies represents a portfolio of ship yards located across the globe. 

No matter where the ship is located, we represent a shipyard in the area where survey, maintenance, repairs etc. can be carried out. That means that deviation will be minimised, saving both time and money.

ESMA Marine Agencies knows the capabilities of the various yards. We also know the right people to contact for your inquiries, making communication lines short.

The yards offer the following services:​

  • Repairs

  • Conversion

  • New building projects

  • Voyage repairs


PORTFOLTIO Ship repair yards


Gemak Group

Istanbul, Turkey

1 Floating dock   200m x 32m

1 Floating dock   233m x 37m

1 Drydock            300m x 53m


Tallin, Estonia

1 Floating dock   135m x 21m

1 Floating dock   90m x 17m

1 Floating dock   67m x 22m


Middle East

West Sea Viana Shipyard


1 Drydock            203m x 30m

1 Drydock            127m x 18m


Setubal, Portugal

1 Drydock            450m x 75m

1 Drydock            420m x 72m

1 Drydock            350m x 55m

3 Drydocks          280m x 39m

West Africa


Dakar, Senegal

1 Floating dock    235m x 38m

1 Drydock            195.2m x 28.6m

Synchrolift           1.200 tons (4 positions)


Douala, Cameroon

1 Floating dock    172m x 33m

1 Floating dock    90m x 25m

South America


Mar del Plata, Argentina

1 Floating dock    144m x 21.8m

1 Floating dock    70m x 19.2m

Synchrolift           500 tons

Drydocks World

Dubai, UAE

1 Floating dock    521m x 100m

1 Drydock            411m x 80m

1 Drydock            366m x 66m

1 Drydock            203m x 30m

1 Shiplift               3000 tons

1 Shiplift               6000 tons


Cosco Shipyard Group

Cosco Dalian

1 Floating dock   340m x 63.4m

1 Floating dock   260m x 48m

1 Floating dock   245m x 40m

1 Drydock           240m x 40m

Cosco Shanghai

1 Floating dock   410m x 72m

1 Floating dock   305m x 50m

1 Floating dock   247m x 39m

Cosco Guangdong

1 Floating dock   269m x 59m

1 Floating dock   220m x 48.6m

Cosco Zhoushan

1 Drydock           539m x 49.2m

1 Drydock           469.5m x 68m

1 Drydock            280m x 40m

Cosco Boluomiao Gungzhou

1 Floating dock    240m x 36m

Far East

PaxOcean Group

Singapore yard

1 Floating dock    195m x 34.7m

1 Floating dock    187m x 36.5m

1 Floating dock    122m x 22.8m

Batam yard


1 Floating dock    235m x 40m

1 Floating dock    186m x 36.4m

1 Floating dock    97m x 24m

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