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ESMA International B.V.

Dedicated supplier of a large number of shipyards and industries around the world

ESMA International B.V. is partner for problem solving, material sourcing and supplies of materials and services for the ship repair and ship building industry, on- and off-shore and Oil & Gas. Customers are located around the globe.


Together with our sister company ESMA Logistics B.V. we supply any kind of material anywhere in the world and just in time! The ESMA team listens to her customers and together with the Dutch and creative approach we frequently make the impossible possible!


ESMA is completely independent from any maker or brand which assures always the best solution for her customers. The ESMA sales team is highly qualified and very experienced and will respond to any challenge. ESMA International has built up an extensive network of customers and suppliers over the past almost 50 years.



ESMA International B.V.
Kuiperbergweg 35
1101 AE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 3121 350


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